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    Slifer Designs Revamps Prominent Union Station Condo

    Posted by Janie Viehman on February 27, 2015 in Featured Projects

    Andrea Georgopolis Creates Modern Design in Downtown Denver

    When Slifer Designs Project Manager Andrea Georgopolis was asked to design longtime client Susan Frampton’s home in the up-and-coming Union Station neighborhood of downtown Denver she knew she was in for something special.



    “I have worked with these clients on five previous homes,” Georgopolis said. “That is such a treat because you know them well and understand their likes, dislikes and how they live. You have built a level of trust and that always makes the job fun.”

    Formerly a 14-block scar in the city’s urban fabric, Denver’s historic Union Station was underutilized for decades until voters approved a tax increase to fund a redevelopment plan that would make the area a mixed-use urban neighborhood for which Union Station would function as its hub. The development plan will turn Union Station into an urban transit district that will anchor and connect the two smart-growth neighborhoods in the heart of the city – Lower Downtown and the Central Platte Valley.


    Vail Valley interior designer Andrea Georgopolis explains, “Now that the downtown area has been revitalized, it is an attractive area for residents from Vail. It allows them to head down and have a place close to sporting venues, shopping and restaurants. Soon they will be able to get on a commuter rail at Union Station and head directly to DIA when traveling.”

    Because Frampton’s home is located in such an emerging neighborhood, she wanted an urban feel to the condo. Georgopolis explained that the location factored into the design “because the unit is in the city and a retreat for the clients to use when they come from the mountains.”  The clients also wanted it to be a fun and comfortable space.


    “Although the building feels urban, the previous owner has made the unit more rustic so the task was to bring the unit back to a more city, urban design,” Georgopolis explained. “We repainted the entire unit, did wallpaper accent walls in the living and master bedroom, a new backsplash to work with the existing countertops and new cabinet doors in the kitchen.”

    Georgopolis’s next task was to “brighten the space up with lively, happy colors” by using “pops of orange in the living and master bedroom” and  “a fun green palette” in the guest room.  


    She describes the space as modern, but with an inviting warm feel. The furniture is contemporary in style but mixed with warm colors, beautiful rugs from The Scarab, texture on the accent wall and woods making it welcoming as well.

    Several rugs from The Scarab were used in rooms all over the condo including in the living space, dining area and master bedroom.

    “The rug in the living space looks like a big splatter of colors,” noted Georgopolis. “It was perfect in nature because of the organic-shaped coffee table. It was fun and a little unexpected.”


    In the dining area she used the plank rug to compliment “the wild living room rug” and in the master she used a neutral swirl rug.

    “It was the perfect backdrop for our orange accents in the room because it has beautiful movement and because it is neutral so it doesn't compete with other elements in the room,” she added.


    Georgopolis has worked with The Scarab for 15 years and credits their taste and service for the longtime relationship.

    “They are the best at what they do, offering beautiful rugs and outstanding service,” she said. “It is always fun to visit the shop, to see old friends and discover the perfect rug to complement a project.” 

    Seeing is believing... View these images larger here!


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