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    Treasure Hunting for Happiness

    Posted by Janie Viehman on April 11, 2015 in Our Travels

    Tribe Finds From Tucson

    The Scarab owner, Jane Rohr, is an experienced treasure hunter. With a knack for finding things beautifully unique and artfully antique, Jane set out to the Tucson Gem Show for the first time in February of 2015. As my first trip with the wonderful Jane, I was excited to become part of her community connections. Not only does she find incredible items to fill her fabulous shop, she also tends to find fabulous people! 

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    Travel to Turkey is a Return to My Roots

    Posted by Larry Stone on August 6, 2013 in Our Travels

    Posted by  on August 6, 2013 in Our Travels

    A Summer to Remember

    by Jane Rohr

    This past summer, I traveled to Turkey with my children to visit family. We had fun together sightseeing and shopping. Our wonderful journey took us from Istanbul to Cappadocia, then up the breathtaking Aegean Coast. Several treasures were purchased along the way for The Scarab, especially in Konya where many rugs were discovered and shipped back to Minturn.

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