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    Ode To Beth Slifer and Slifer Designs

    Posted by Janie Viehman on December 6, 2013 in Community



    From Slifer Designs to The Scarab

    After 30 years in the luxury resort interior design field, the name Slifer Designs has become synonymous with Vail Valley decor. Hailing from northern Florida, Creative Director and CEO Beth Slifer grew up in the business as her mother was an interior designer. Beth was always interested in design but never put her skills into practice until she moved to Vail in 1983.  After arriving in Vail, she quickly noticed that even though it was the early 1980s, all the furnishings in the apartments and houses still looked like they did in the 1960s.

    With that observation in mind, Beth realized that as the real estate values continued to improve, it was time for the interiors of these homes to match the values of the properties and their locations. 

    “It was painfully obvious that things needed to change so it was a natural progression for people to want to make their second homes in Vail nicer,” Beth explained.  “These homes cost too much to rough it!”

    Originally a design firm for second homes in mountain resorts, Slifer Designs now services residential clients along with developers and hotel companies who are seeking a residential level of luxury for their commercial projects. The company also has a retail store in Vail which features furnishings and accessories.


    Slifer University

    Over the years many local designers got their start at Slifer Designs which is why Beth facetiously calls her company “Slifer University.”

    “Most of our employees were very young when they came to us and we trained them creatively and in customer service,” she said. “We end up training all of our competitors but at the same time our strongest competitors are former employees.”

    Two of those former employees are now owners of The Scarab – Jane Rohr and Larry Stone.

    “Slifer Designs was expanding their retail store and needed a delivery driver,” recalled Larry.  “Jane Rohr, now my wife and partner in The Scarab, was already employed there. We were young and new to Vail and just getting a glimpse of what success was created from.”

    Jane added, “Beth was a teacher to me and I learned a lot from her during my years at Slifer. Her standard of excellence and the commitment to service she taught us are two aspects we have always used as our model at The Scarab.”


    Full Circle

    Now that 25 years have gone by since Jane and Larry worked at Slifer Designs, the company is now one of The Scarab’s most frequent customers.

    “The Scarab gives us fabulous service,” said Beth. “They handpick their rugs from all over the world and generously bring them to the homes of our customers so they can try them out. They’ve done a great job.”

    While The Scarab works with a large number of designers, Larry and Jane are grateful for the lessons they learned during their tenure at Slifer. 

    “Jane and I were privileged and fortunate to have worked for Slifer Designs and we owe a great deal of our success to the guidance, direction and support received from Beth Slifer,” said Larry.



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