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    Posted by Janie Viehman on October 27, 2014 in Featured Merchandise

    Antique Machine Truck Becomes Modern Sofa-Table

    The art of upcycling has continued to become increasingly popular over the past few years. The Scarab loves to find pieces that others have deemed trash and then, turn those once forgotten items into unforgettable treasures. This sofa table is a perfect example of repurposing at its best!


    This odd rusty structure is an antique machine truck that was crafted in Milwaukee by Arcade Manufacturing Company in 1926. The Scarab proprietor, Larry Stone, was invited out to Red Cliff to help a widow clean out her home after their patriarch had passed. It was then that Larry discovered this rusty machinery covered in weeds out behind the house. Considering the widow's late husband had been a miner for all his life, Stone assumed the item must have been used in the mines.

    Aftering bringing the item back to the shop and cleaning it up a bit, Stone began to do research on the item based of the Arcade MF Co logo imprinted on the iron. After discovering the actual use of the item and spending several weeks staring at this obscure piece, Stone finally had the solution...This machine truck was the perfect width and height to become a sofa-table! The Scarab then enlisted local wood-workers, Beyond The Tree Woodworks, to help craft a one-of-a-kind table top that would turn this rusty truck into a modern treasure.



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